2022 - 2023  Enrollment Process

Application Process

  • Contact Maple Hollow Playschool for an application. Once the Application is filled out ,

  • Ms.Lisa will reach out for a phone interview. Families are encouraged to ask questions about our program at this time and together we can decide if Maple Hollow is the right fit for your family.

Contract Signing

  • If it is decided Maple Hollow Playschool is the right place for your child, your child's place is secured by completing the following steps:

  • Submitting your signed contract. 

  • Paying the Materials fees.

  • Home Visit: Ms. Lisa offers optional home visits to begin to build a bridge between home and school.

  • The home visit is a time for the teacher to spend quality time with the whole family and in the child's space, while connecting with the family's home life and rhythms. We can schedule for an outside visit if families feel more comfortable.